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“We Believe That Unity Is Strength. When There Is Teamwork and Collaboration,
Wonderful Things Can be Achieved.”

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Educational Programs

in Wantagh, New York

Based out of Wantagh, New York, at Collaboration Station, we open our doors to the public, offering community classes, social events, and parent training. We pride ourselves on our inclusive and supportive environment.

Our community-driven approach includes a variety of enriching classes for all ages, specialized education programs to support individuals of all abilities and ages, and empowering parent training sessions.

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Vital Resources

Our primary objective is to furnish our families with essential resources that cater to their needs and uplift their well-being.

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Collaboration With Community Organizations

We actively engage in partnerships with like-minded organizations that are dedicated to making a positive impact in our community. By uniting our efforts, we amplify our ability to create meaningful change and address the various challenges faced by our community members.

Collaboration Station


We actively seek out opportunities to join forces with a diverse range of programs aimed at enriching our community. Through these collaborations, we aim to establish a network of support that effectively serves the unique needs of our community members, fostering an environment of growth, resilience, and empowerment.