Experts in Education

At Collaboration Station, we provide a team of well-educated and licensed professionals. Each employee brings unique skills and knowledge to the table, creating a platform for innovation and growth.

Our Mission

Collaboration Station Inc. strives to provide meaningful, practical, and transferable skills to individuals of varied abilities. Collaboration Station works diligently to ensure individuals have the opportunity to explore, develop and implement skills and knowledge throughout a wide array of interests in the most inclusive and positive environment possible.

Our Values

We pride ourselves on creating an environment where everyone is treated with compassion and acceptance. Collaboration Station is committed to providing services in a safe environment where everyone is encouraged to reach their full potential. Our dedicated professionals are experts in their fields and deliver quality services tailored to each person’s individualized needs with the highest level of support and encouragement. Collaboration Station believes parent training, consultations, community classes, and social events should be accessible to everyone. Our company provides exceptional services to those who rely on us in a timely and convenient manner.

What We Do

Collaboration Station Inc. provides an array of services, including community classes, parent training, social meetups, and events, that work to enhance and cultivate the Individual’s diverse and wide-ranging interests and abilities. Through a multi-faceted approach utilizing our training and education, Collaboration Station provides creative and innovative techniques which assist in developing and implementing services that meet the needs of our Individuals. All aspects of training and education are developed with the Individual’s skills, talents, and abilities in mind.

Our Leadership Team

Rich Luft and Amanda Caliendo are the proud owners and operators of the establishment

Rich Luft

Rich Luft has provided vocational counseling and job development services in various clinical settings for the past 15 years. Rich received a Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Scranton, specializing in Vocational Counseling for individuals with developmental and physical disabilities. He has worked as an Adjunct Professor, teaching courses that address disabilities in the classroom and vocational counseling for individuals with developmental, physical, and psychological disabilities. Rich applies his passion for helping students by providing vocational support to students in school districts across Long Island, and individuals participating in self-direction services.

Amanda Caliendo

For the past 15 years, Amanda Caliendo has provided one-on-one assistance in life skills training to students with disabilities in private residences and facilities. Amanda specializes in behavioral approaches and has dedicated her time to working with a diverse population of students in school districts across Long Island. By applying proven ABA therapy principles, she  has provided direct client care in 1:1 and group settings, utilizing intensive teaching and natural environment training. 

As  a former Care Manager, Amanda has an extensive background providing support and service coordination assistance to hard of hearing, deaf, and developmentally disabled adults and children (under the New York State Office for People with Developmental Disabilities [OPWDD]). She has advocated for individual rights to benefits, entitlements, medical and recreational services, and access to transitional services for young adults aging out of school districts. Amanda has a Master's in early childhood education from the New York Institute of Technology.


Our Dedicated Team of Experts

Each of our instructors use the knowledge and passion to inspire student to reach their full potential

Colleen Kelly, M.S. Ed

Colleen Kelly has dedicated the last 14 years to special education. She has concentrated on supporting children with autism, Down syndrome, and multiple disabilities. As an ABA classroom teacher, Colleen has prioritized integrating life skills training into her curriculum to empower students beyond the confines of the classroom, equipping them for success in their homes and communities. In addition to Colleen's classroom role, she has worked closely with families, providing tailored parent training to extend support into home environments. She has also been involved in developing and implementing behavior intervention plans, ensuring that each child has the support needed to thrive in their educational setting. Colleen's approach has always centered on fostering independence, confidence, and holistic development in every child sheworks with, believing in their inherent potential to succeed in both academic and real-world settings.

Daniel Gatto, M.A., M.S. Ed, L-BCBA

Dan has been working with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders since 2006. He received a master’s degree in psychology from Queens College, as well as a graduate degree in Special Education from Touro College. Dan has been working as a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) since 2010 and is a Licensed Behavior Analyst in New York State. He has experience working with students from preschool to young adulthood. Daniel has held various positions within the field of behavior analysis such as: teaching assistant, special education teacher, home-based provider, parent trainer, home-based supervisor, early intervention (EI) team leader, school-based supervisor, school district consultant, and program director. Daniel currently works as a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) for the Oyster Bay - East Norwich School District. 

Jennifer Spelatis, M.A., M.S. Ed

Jennifer Spelatis boasts an extensive 35-year career in the field of education. Her academic background includes a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and a Master's degree in Special Education from LIU Post. Currently, she serves as a dedicated special education teacher within the Oyster Bay - East Norwich Central School District. Throughout her professional trajectory, she has imparted knowledge and guidance in various public schools such as Locust Valley and Syosset, catering to a wide range of students from preschool-aged children to young adults. Jennifer's unwavering commitment to supporting students with special needs reflects her deep-rooted passion for inclusive education.

Kristin O'Mahony, M.S.

Kristin O’Mahony graduated from Marist College with a Bachelor's in Secondary Education and History. Her passion for education led her to earn aMaster’s in Special Education from Touro College. Kristin has been teaching special education for 20 years, toboth the middle and high school students. Throughout her career, she has taught life skills classes to students with learning disabilities. In 2020 she became a Self-Direction Broker, using her compassion for and understanding of individuals with special needs to help families and individuals create a meaningful life. Working as a broker and a teacher is a perfect marriage, giving her a deep understanding of what is required to help individuals and their families create a life with purpose and depth.

Richie Spelatis, B.A. PhyEd, Licensed Personal Trainer

Richie Spelatis graduated from Adelphi University with a degree in Physical Education; and continued to enhance his skills by earning a Coaching Certificate and Personal Training License. His multifaceted involvement in education, coaching, and personal training reflects a deep-rooted dedication to fostering physical fitness and overall wellness in his community.  By joining Collaboration Station, Richie can now use his love of fitness and coaching to inspire a wider range of individuals.

Our Unique Approach

At Collaboration Station, our instructors bring a distinctive combination of educational, counseling, and care management expertise. Our team offers a diverse and comprehensive skill set.

A close up of a camera outside of a house

Safety is Paramount

Operating with a keen focus on safety, we ensure the highest standards:

  • Thorough background checks for all instructors.
  • Keypad entry system for controlled access.
  • Closed circuit security cameras for enhanced monitoring.
  • Continuous supervision to maintain a secure environment.