A family sitting at the table with a man and woman.

What Is A Consultant?

Consultants provide expert opinions, analysis, and recommendations to organizations and individuals, based on their expertise.

Consultation Services

Collaboration Station proudly provides consultation services that assist families with the following: 

  •  Providing individualized assistance, which include information, outreach, linkage, referral, follow-up, monitoring, and advocacy to developmentally disabled individuals and their families.
  • Ensure fulfillment of health, welfare, and safety needs of medically frail children and adults with developmental disabilities.
  • Assist individuals and families with accessing Durable Medical Equipment (Hoyer lifts, adaptive tricycles, wheelchairs, hospital beds, etc.) and Environmental Modifications.
  •  Assist families who have been struggling to understand and keep track of complicated government notifications relating to benefit eligibility, which can eliminate interruptions in their services.
  • Advocate for individual rights to benefits, entitlements, medical and recreational services.
  •   Assist families with breaking down complicated financial, benefit, and medical information so they can understand paperwork and maintain a schedule of appointments.
  • Assessed individuals' need for social connections and obtained appropriate recreational activities in their community.
A man and two women sitting at a table.
A family sitting at the table with papers and pens

Why You Should Choose Us?

Our consultants provide the highest quality advice and assistance in navigating complex state and federal benefits systems. The consultants at Collaboration Station have years of experience and knowledge combined with a genuine passion for assisting the population we serve.